Balancing Energy Efficiency and
Longer Lamp life

Most standard occupancy sensors have a 30 second to 20 minute delay timer that engages when occupancy is no longer detected. Faster shutdown means greater energy savings but also increases fixture cycling, which ultimately shortens lamp life.

Considering a space with 100 fluorescent high bay fixtures using six-32 watt T8 lamps and a five-minute cycle time, lamp life would be reduced from 24,000 hours to approximately 8,000 hours. That translates into three lamp replacements over the rated lamp life or *$5,850.00 in additional
lamp/maintenance costs.

* Based on average maintenance cost of $1.50 per lamp.

The lamp/maintenance cost for T5HO lamps is even greater, and that does not take into account other inconveniencies such as lost production, diminished working conditions and maintenance scheduling. Clearly there must be a better solution!