Takes the Guesswork Out of Correct
Light Operation

Conventional high bay luminaries with add-on sensor units only control the time the fixture remains on after occupancy was last detected, potentially resulting in excessive cycling. The SmarT-Bay uses sensors with patent pending LampMaximizer™ technology to allow users to aggressively target energy savings while still protecting lamp life.

The SmarT-Bay’s sensor utilizes two time delays.
The “Required On” time delay ensures that the recommended minimum on time is observed for a particular lamp/ballast combination. The “Occupancy” time delay is comprised of a continuously calculated LampMaximizer™ value and a user selected minimum value. This LampMaximizer™ value dynamically adjusts relative to the observed usage of the space
in which it is installed. In practice, this means that once the “Required On” time has been met, the sensor will turn the lamps off when the time since the last occupancy detection exceeds the “Occupancy” time delay.

This Smart Technology works equally as well in high-activity areas as well as those of limited use. It assures the correct, high quality lighting levels will be available on demand for safety and with the least impact on our environment.